Sunday 26 February 2012

Ryanair - seats with extra leg room

Last year Ryanair has introduced a new feature, a paid reservation of seats with extra leg room. I'm absolutely sure it's a total discrimination of tall people. I am 6' 3'' and before their silly move I had been able to sit on those seats without paying any extra money. Now they expect me to pay £10 each way. It's not my choice nor fault that I'm tall, why should I be penalised for it? I would understand it, if all the seats were subject to reservation. Okay folks, everyone has to pay. But not like that, this is totally unfair.

An additional problem is that now everyone sees those seats while checking-in on-line. It's like encouraging to reserve those seats (money, money). Even the people who don't need them but have money to spare, can reserve them. And they do! Just in case, maybe it will be more comfortable. And then I have to stay bent double for many hours of flight.

In the past there was also a problem of large people and the fat levy, but because of a politically incorrect nature of this subject they didn't introduce it. However, the obeese people CAN do something to reduce their size. I know it because I myself use to be overweight and some time ago I've lost over four stones. Unfortunatelly I can't reduce my height.

I'm disgusted and in the future I'll try to avoid Ryanair at all cost.

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