Wednesday 12 December 2007

Social websites

Recently I heard a lot of noise about the use of social sites like Facebook and the dangers related to this phenomenon. I think that it is all right as long as you follow the rules and keep a level head. We have to listen to reason in our network life as we do it in a real life. It is obvious that we cannot put our secrets in public sites. Before we make public any information, we should think for a moment about potential consequences of doing it.

I know that sometimes the people met in the network can become the real friends. It happened to me several times. Similarly on the network we can find friends from childhood. Recently I use the Polish site Nasza Klasa (Our Class) which helps people to find classmates and refresh memories giving them back forgotten moments of youth. That site brings together people from the old days, making a virtual reconstruction of real schools and class.

Of course everything depends on the kind of people who we are. Our need for friendship and contacts with other people determines what we do. I am happy with the existence of social sites and do not collect friends, I made friends being careful and aware of potential dangers.