Wednesday 12 December 2007

Social websites

Recently I heard a lot of noise about the use of social sites like Facebook and the dangers related to this phenomenon. I think that it is all right as long as you follow the rules and keep a level head. We have to listen to reason in our network life as we do it in a real life. It is obvious that we cannot put our secrets in public sites. Before we make public any information, we should think for a moment about potential consequences of doing it.

I know that sometimes the people met in the network can become the real friends. It happened to me several times. Similarly on the network we can find friends from childhood. Recently I use the Polish site Nasza Klasa (Our Class) which helps people to find classmates and refresh memories giving them back forgotten moments of youth. That site brings together people from the old days, making a virtual reconstruction of real schools and class.

Of course everything depends on the kind of people who we are. Our need for friendship and contacts with other people determines what we do. I am happy with the existence of social sites and do not collect friends, I made friends being careful and aware of potential dangers.

Friday 23 November 2007

The world’s variety

The world's variety is very fascinating. Everyone of us has his own reality and consciousness. We are all the same, but at the same time we are so different. We live together on our Earth, as small as grains of sand, but at the same time we seem to be so great, and it astonishes me. The scale of variety is so big that is not easy to grasp it. I see it better than majority of people, because I experienced the change in my life. I changed twice the country of live,  language and reality. I have a fascination with watching culture diferences. It helps to understand others, to realize that the world is not flat and there is not always only one truth. I wish we all could open our eyes wider...

Linux User Groups in West Midlands

As I said before, I'm a Linux fan. In Poland I've been involved in a local Linux User Group activities. In Spain I was a member of other LUG. Now it's time for English LUGs! My first meeting was at South Birmingham Linux User Group in May this year, where I got to know several SBLUG members as Zeth Green for example. Because of my weak English I can't be a member on equal terms, but I'm lurking the mailing lists of some LUGs. Lately I went to the meeting of the Wolverhampton LUG. It was a very interesting talk about IPMI made by Adam Sweet with a live presentation of this platform on Linux. I'm planning to go to a meeting of Coventry LUG and Warwick LUG as well. I'm curious about how the UK's LUGs are doing. Besides I like to get to know interesting people involved in Linux OS.

Looking for a Linux job

Well, I'm a Linux fan and for about seven years I've been using this Operation System at home and professionally as well. The problem I have in UK is that I can't find any job in IT with Linux involved. I sent a lot of CVs to various employment agencies and... nothing. I uploaded my CV to various job sites, the same result. I'm starting to feel redundant. Although those agencies were looking for the Linux System Administrators, in spite of being experienced in this matter, I was skipped. I don't know, it could be because of my poor English, but I think in this job you don't need a perfect language skills. The most important is your knowledge, am I wrong? All right, at present I work as unskilled labourer and I'm improving my English skills. The strange thing is that I couldn't find a job as SysAdmin nor a simple Computer Technician. In Spain was easier find something in IT with poor Spanish. UK has not dealt kindly with me ;-)

Friday 9 November 2007

To travel is to live

Sometimes I hear the question "Why?! Why you decided to move from Canary Islands to United Kingdom, are you crazy?". Maybe... OK, first and almost I like to get to know new countries. I started from Spain/Canary Islands because it was something completely different from my mother country. However after almost three years of living there, I felt saturated and thought I have to go. My Spanish was good, I speak fluently but why not to learn next language?

Why England? Because I wish to learn English, which is the most important language in the world. The most important, but not the only one, as think many of English people surprised by the fact, that somebody can't speak English :-) Therefore here I am, working very hard to improve my abilities of English language. I think England is the better country to live if you want to learn English, isn't it?

Besides I like to travel. Not only on holidays, because in this way you can't get to know any country. I think if you want to do it well, you have to live at least couple of years in one place. To learn local language, to know mentality of inhabitants, to explore important places etc. This is my way of do it, I like this style of life. Apart from that I think it's good for my children because they learn many languages, cultures and get open-minded. They learn how to adapt to new circumstances which is very important ability in the contemporary world. In every country they attend regular schools for years that enrich their knowledge. They like it as well, because their curiosity of the world is fulfilled. As said Hans Christian Andersen "To travel is to live"...

I have to add that there is another thing. To date I didn't stabilize my professional situation. If in England I'll find what I'm looking for, maybe I'll stay here.

It happened!

All right, I'm writing seven months after the first post and I can say I've done it! I live in United Kingdom. The place choosen for this stage of my life is Birmingham. Why Birmingham exactly? I had several reasons, one of them was the average cost of house lettings. While in London the price of letting of three bedroom house is about £1000, in Birmingham you can find something for about £550. Apart from that Birmingham is the second largest city in the country. Besides, I had good associations with this city like: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Electric Light Orchestra, UB40 etc. :-) So, after spending hours with my family discuting about it, we decided that I have to go to Birmingham on my own, to find out more. After one month that I spent in UK in May, we decided to move at the end of June.

First two months we were becoming used to new country, exploring the city. The weather in July was rainy and we had to wait better conditions for our trips. Anyway we took advantage of every sunny day to get to know new city. In September our children started their schools and we began work. Because of our poor english we can't work in our professions and I work as driver, while Ula works as packer of watches. I hope I find a job in IT, because after nine years of experience in this field, I feel a little strange doing something else.

Thursday 19 April 2007

Getting started

Well, it's time to start to write in English... It'll be a disaster :-) Don't worry, if you don't want to read it, you can click on the cross, you know... in the right corner of your viewer :-) I decided to write in English for practise a little my rustic English (without offend a countrymen). Who am I? I'm a geek from the planet Earth, firstly from the country where I was born - Poland. Secondly from Spain, where I was living a couple of years. Precisely from the island of Gran Canaria and the city of Las Palmas. And now I think about move myself to United Kingdom. Well, I'm not all alone, because I'm walking through the way of my life with my family. My wife Ula and my children Rafa and Ola. I'm looking for the place... The place of my life.