Sunday 9 January 2011

Three years

Well, over three years have passed since my first posting :) It's a lot of time, isn't it? How is my English now? I hope it's a little bit better that it was then. I'm aware that I still make mistakes but hopefully there is less of them than it was in 2007. What happened in the meantime? I was doing good, working, learning English, studying at the Open University... Yeah, it was a big challenge for me. I had to do all the study in English without any help in Polish. I will write more about it in another posting. My kids are happy to live in the UK. The weather is worse than is the Canary Islands but the weather is not the most important thing in life :) Together with my family we were travelling a little bit, getting to know Great Britain, we went to Spain, to Italy. I will write about it later. Well, that's all to outline it briefly.

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